is a Maryland-based company founded in March 2011. Founders have extensive experience in all aspects of software development and in particular in web application test automation. Commonly, test automation involves automating a manual test process that is already in place and has gained some maturity. Creating a scalable platform for automated testing is a complex problem which requires a broad knowledge and experience in software engineering, infrastructure, hardware, and processes that support the platform. Lack of an end-to-end platform for automation has been the founders’ motivation to create an elegant, complete, and scalable cloud-based platform called Proof to help organizations succeed. The following columns provides some high level information about test automation:

Automation Common Issues

  • QA engineers do not have time to develop an automation framework
  • Scalability and parallel executions require large initial capital
  • Existing platforms do not provide an end-to-end solution
  • Existing platforms require custom development
  • Test scripts are hard to maintain between releases
  • Test scripts are platform specific

Automation Common Misconceptions

  • Record & Play tools can help create a sustainable platform
  • Test Automation results in staff reduction
  • All tests should be automated
  • Automation platform can be created without Engineering involvement
  • June 2012: Subject7 received the "Best New Incubator Company of the year" award
  • June 2012: Subject7 received TEDCO's MTTCF funding
  • November 2011: Subject7 was admitted to the Chesapeake Innovation Center's incubation program