Test Authoring
Test Case Authoring Environment

A state-of-the-art IDE where non-technical users could write automated tests in minutes. In short, all test suites are considered as folders that can contain test cases or other test suites quite similar to a file system. Efficient navigation approach is provided where each test object (Test Suite or Test Case) path is shown and each step of the path is accessible using bread-crumb, while a favorite panel is always available for users to quickly navigate to inner branches that are frequently used. Users can simply drag-and-drop the nodes important to them to the favorites where it will always be at their disposal. In addition a number of provided wizards and auto-completion feature do not leave room for mistakes or ambiguity. Parameterization, test setup, and tear-down features further provide extra flexibility, maintainability, and re-usability out-of-the-box.


  • Quick ramp-up time, no proprietary commands, or scripting language
  • Non-Technical users can write maintainable automated tests
  • Efficient navigation, search, and drag & drop capabilities
  • Guided wizards, auto-complete command sets, and lots of hints