Test Automation
Implemented correctly, can bring significant benefits to a software development organization:

  • Shorter release cycles
  • True agile development with continuous integration
  • Effective regression testing
  • Efficient use of time and resources
  • Redirect focus on harder tests (i.e. Exploratory testing, UI testing, etc)

Automation adds value by providing fast, efficient and accurate results to complement manual testing activities.
Subject7 is an end-to end solution provider and can help you through all phases of test automation:

End-to-End Implementation

We start evaluating your web application to identify key automation area(s) avoiding common pitfalls that may undermine the success of your automation initiative. Then our experts will design a cost effective quality assurance scheme unique to your organization which will be suitable for your team, project and release cycle. Our mature test automation process and methodology have gone through various evolution cycles to bring hassle-free automation and peace-of mind to your organization.

Improving Existing Automation

If you already have a test automation infrastructure and would like to improve, we can help adjust your current needs. Our engineers can help integrating your solution in the cloud, export your assets in to our platform or provide guidance on how to stabilize your current platform.

Customize Automation Strategy

Our experts work with you to identify and design customized automation processes for your organization. We help you create tests that are easy to maintain and can be run repeatedly to improve your product's quality and also allow your key members of QA to focus on more complicated tests as oppose to waist time on building automation framework.